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PagerInsights is a PagerDuty add-on that supercharge your subscription. It can help you reduce your costs, gain visibility in your incidents and raise awarness.

You will find below instruction on how to get started

PagerDuty Setup/Installation

We strive to keep our documentation accurate and helpful. Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties or notice an error.

After clicking login/register, you will land on a pager asking you to select your pager provider. Select PagerDuty. provider selection page screenshot

Once done, you will be redirected to the login screen of PagerDuty. This is the first step of the OAuth flow. PagerDuty OAuth Login screenshot

You will be then asked if you want to give access to the data in your account to PagerDuty.

PagerInsights is a ready-only application. We do not modify any of the data in your PagerDuty account. The current message of the screen is confusing, but PagerDuty is working it.
PagerDuty OAuth Permission verification screenshot

Finally you are getting access to PagerInsights! PagerInsight default configuration screenshot

These instructions are not working for you? Please contact us so we can help you get started!